Shot&Edited by Tomoya Nakamura

Burning Japan is a four day long celebration of art, community, self-expression and self-reliance, inspired by Burning Man in the state of Nevada. People gather with food, music, art and everything they need to survive, and share what they can, whether they be practical, or intangible gifts. You will find yourself becoming friends with strangers, laughing so hard that you forget that you’ve just met and so engaged in the experience that time stops.

Can you imagine such a city? A city guided not by rules but principles respected by the community members, emphasizing respect for one another. One of these principles is not to use money, which allows an environment of cooperation and support in which participants truly *want* to help each other and share with each other. An open mind is essential to the experience and dreamers of all kinds are encouraged. It is a place you can explore beyond the conventional knowing your expression will be appreciated and reciprocated.

Burning Man is a week long celebration of art that has been happening every year in Nevada for nearly 30 years. People from over the world come together and enjoy surviving in the desert. It is a festival that requires active participation under the “No Spectator” philosophy. Rules of the default world are not as relevant in this city. Without the typical societal expectations as to what type of self-expression is acceptable, surrounded by others who create, abandoning fear of failure, it is hard not to be inspired. The transient nature of the festival and art created there allows a new type of freedom. Burning Japan started 3 years ago as a community that asks all the participants to radically express themselves while camping together with a few distinctive rules. It is meant to challenge what you are used to, and push you to try new things, wear new masks and make new connections.