I can’t go all three days. Do you sell 1-day or 2-day passes?
The reception gate is open every day from the 8th to the 10th from 9AM to 9PM. It is not necessary for you to come all three days but at Burning Man you never know what will happen when. It’s an exciting surprise from start to finish! There are no day passes sold, and no discounts given based on your length of stay.
Will I be able to leave and return to the event?
Yes (by car as well). It will become increasingly difficult for cars parked near the tents to go in and out as the event progresses. Traffic passing in and out of the gate will be restricted at night out of concern for neighboring communities. We recommend planning ahead so that you have all you need and won’t have to go on daily trips to the outside world for food and supplies. (New arrivals coming at night will be attended to individually.)
How much is a ticket for my child?
Children 12 and under will be admitted for free. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Can I park my car near my tent?
Currently, we are planning a layout where the parking space and camp area are separate. But even if you pitch your tent away from your car, you won’t be more than a couple hundred meters away at the most.
What will be provided at the site?
Space to set up your tent and porta-potties. The site is not a campsite. Come with the necessary gear to camp out on a empty field / raw land. There will be no running water, washing areas, showers, or electricity. Camp gear rentals will not be available. Bring everything you need to survive for four days.

The following facilities and services are provided on site by staff: reception at the gate, center camp (stage, information, recycling center), the Phoenix Statue and the Phoenix Burn on Sunday, porta-potties, waste water disposal, and medical staff.

You will find that many services are provided by individual participants at the campsite.
What is the bare minimum of what I should bring?
  • – Your ticket, travel expenses.
  • – Tent, sleeping bag. Your shelter.
  • – Food, water, drinks. (There won’t be on-site vendors or running water)
  • – Rain gear, flashlight, first-aid kit.
  • – Trash bag, pocket ashtray. (You are responsible for removing all waste you bring in.)
  • – For more ideas on what’s good to bring, read the Burning Japan Survival Guide.
Where can I get food?
Burning Man is a commerce-free event. There will not be any vendors selling food or drinks. Purchase your food and water at a neighboring supermarket before you enter the event grounds. At night the gate will be closed and traffic restricted unless it is for an emergency. Make sure you bring in enough food with you.
I heard there is no water. What should I do?
Burning Man does not provide water. You must bring your own water for drinking and cooking. There is also no cooking area or drain such as you would find at a campsite. We are working to provide a basic form of waste water disposal but it will not be able to process large amounts of water. Please try to limit water use by wiping plates with paper, using paper plates and cutlery, cooking no more soup or other liquids than you can consume, bringing pre-washed rice, etc. We recommend bringing ~ 5-6 liters of water per person per day.
Is there somewhere I can store my luggage?
There are no coin lockers or other facilities to store baggage. Store your belongings in your car or tent. Volunteer staff will be on patrol but Burning Man management cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.
What about trash disposal? Will there be a dumpster?
There will not be trashcans. Please take all your trash back home with you. ‘Leave no trace’ – cleaning up after ourselves to leave no physical trace of our activities is one of the ten principles of Burning Man.
Can I build a campfire?
Yes. Building it in a large BBQ grill or can and laying out something to trap the ash and cinders will make it easier to cleanup afterwards. ‘Leave no trace’ is the Burning Man way.

We are currently working to make it possible to build fireplaces in a number of locations so that a fire can be kept burning all night.
Can I perform with fire?
You need to subimit a form to the local fire department when you perform with fire, make art with flame effects and or any kind of act that indludes fire. Regardless the size of the flame you have to have security plan. Please mention the use of fire when you register your theme camp, and finish its registration 2 weeks prior to the event. This rule applies to all kinds of performance and art with fire except for cooking stoves or campfires. You will not be allowed to use fire unless registered. There will be dry grass on the camping ground that is easy to catch fire. It is going to be very dry in October, thank you for your cooperation.
Will I get phone reception?
There is almost no connection to docomo, au, or Softbank.
What can participants do to express themselves?
If there’s something you want to do, then try it. There is no one to judge you. If you have never done art or performed before and this is your first time, go for it! We love that!

Although we welcome all forms of expression, please refrain from doing the following two things:
  • – Anything against the law or will disturb or cause harm to not just other event participants but also to the neighboring community
  • – Disrupting the expression, performances and art of other participants or destroying their work

If we were to give advice, any art or performance that has an interactive element to it will allow others to get involved. Something that is not just to be viewed but can be touched, will move, can move with you, or that people can ride, this will transcend the barrier between the creator and the spectator and create great fun.

Another suggestion is to do something in line with the art theme. Anything from accessories, attire, a gift to give to a stranger, or art or performance that reflects this year’s theme “Magic!” is bound to make anyone go, “Yeah!”
Do I need permission to perform?
If you find a good spot, then go ahead and perform! If you would like to use the stage there is one with lighting and sound equipment at Center Camp. You are welcome to check availability and perform whenever it is open.

The following three types of performances require a registration theme camp in advance
  • – Performances that require you to bring in your own electronic or sound equipment.
      Sound camp. Setup will be possible only in certain areas of the site. Please register in advance.
  • – Fire performances, art that use fire.
      You will be asked to follow certain safety regulations by the fire safety crew.
  • – Setting up art or art installations in public spaces.
      Live music including drums and/or other musical intruments.

Space at the event site is limited. Priority will be given to applications received during the registration period.
Can I bring my pet?
We understand that your pet is family but you cannot bring them to Burning Japan with you. The event site sits on a complicated terrain, some areas are dangerous. Volunteer patrols alone will not be able to search for lost pets. If they are important to you, leave them at home. If you bring them, we will ask you to go home at the gate.
Burning Japan is non-profit. Where does my ticket money go?
The construction of Burning Man and festival operation is funded solely by ticket sales. Ticket money goes to pay for site use, porta-potties, Center Camp equipment rental and the construction of the Phoenix. A finance report will be released on our website.

Burning Japan distances itself from conventional marketing and advertising methods. It does not have a sponsor. Ticket sales are its only source of revenue. Revenue goes to pay actual expenses. No money goes to the site volunteers or the management team that operates year round. Burning Japan is non-profit but it is run in a very simple, and highly unique way.

When ticket sales revenue exceed expenses then profits will be used for the building of a more long-lasting organization (incorporation, trademark registration), supporting art within the community (art grant) and add to the next year’s budget in order to give back to the Burning Japan community.