The basics of Burning Japan

Burning Japan is an event celebrating freedom, personal responsibility, and sharing. What you do during it is all up to you. This guide is to help you safely enjoy all 4 days of Burning Japan.

1. Join in! This is not a spectator event!

Unlike other events Burning Japan is made by you! It all starts by jumping right into it.

2. Leave no trace!

There are no trash cans or waste disposal sites on location. You have to take everything back out with you.The only thing provided on site is porta-potties. Flush nothing other than what belongs in there. Don’t leave even a cigarette or empty bottle sit there, even if you’re drinking and dancing with abandon.

3. No commerce on site

Burning Japan is a non-commercial zone. Forget about buying and selling, everything is about sharing and gifting, to build a community. Leave commercial worries behind, and participate instead.

4. No Drugs!

Illegal substances are banned, as are analogues or “legal drugs”. If you are discovered with these the police will be immediately notified, and you will be banned from further Burning Japan events.

5. Overdrinking and injuries

We know booze is tasty and it’s easy to get jolly, but watch out for injury! The only person responsible for your safety and well being is you.

6. No open fires

Flames need to be completely put out after use. Also, no fires are to be lit directly on the ground. Always use a BBQ, grill, or burner. Leave no trace includes ash and you don’t want to start a blaze. Always clean up and extinguish your fires.

7. Sound regulations

If you plan on using an amp, register with the Theme Park before hand. Smaller speakers, drums, and instruments should be used in a way that does not disturb the community and environs, especially at night. Be careful, keep volume down if needed, and make it a fun time for everyone around.

8. Entry and exit

Especially late at night, there may be restrictions on entering and exit. Please listen to all instructions before the event, and on entry as well.

9. Pets

Burning Japan is no place for our four-legged friends. Pets are not allowed in the area, for their own safety. You will be turned away if you bring your pet with you.

10. Respect the earth and the site

Burning Japan only happens thanks to the efforts of local groups, communities, and the environmental agencies. Treat the site with respect and be polite to the area around Burning Japan too!


Things you will need:

  1. □ Ticket / Identification
  2. □ Tent
  3. □ Sleeping bag
  4. □ Drinking water
  5. □ Food and drink
  6. □ Cup *Important
  7. □ Plates, utensils, forks etc.
  8. □ Paper towels
  9. □ Trash bags
  10. □ Lidded bucket and/or container for waste water
  11. □ Portable ashtray
  12. □ Shoes that can handle walking on rocky ground (Sneakers are ok, sandals and high heels are dangerous)
  13. □ Sunglasses / hat
  14. □ Sunscreen
  15. □ Light and batteries (The night is dark, wear a headlamp)
  16. □ Jacket (the nights get cold)
  17. □ Rainwear
  18. □ First aid kit
  19. □ Insect repellant
  20. □ Insect sting medicine (for itchiness etc.)
  21. □ Common sense, an open mind, your sense of humor, and a positive attitude!

Strongly recommended:

  1. □ Tarp, parasol, or other form of shade
  2. □ Portable stove
  3. □ Cooler
  4. □ Ear plugs (just because you want to sleep doesn’t mean everyone else does)
  5. □ Costumes, instruments, stationery, decorations. Anything to have fun for yourself and others!
  6. □ Camp marker (flags/signs or other things to mark your tent with)
  7. □ Spare car key
  8. □ Glow sticks / EL wire / LED lights to attach to yourself


Take trash home

Burning Japan is based on the Burning Man philosophy of creating a town in the middle of nothing and returning the area to how it was.

  • – There are no trash cans at the site.
  • – Take your trash back with you.
    Reduce packaging before you arrive. Leave no trace begins before Burning Japan.
  • – Avoid using things that are hard to take back out. This means no weak materials or things that scatter for art or performances. Things to avoid include feathers, confetti, and paper crackers.
  • – Use a portable ashtray.
    Protect the land, and take your cigarette butts with you.
  • – Gather trash before it drops.
    The wind whips through the area, so anything loose can fly off and be a hazard to others.
  • – Pitch in.
    Trash is everyone’s issue, so if you see some around, pick it up! Work together to make sure everyone enjoys.

Local laws also ban burning garbage outdoors. Do not throw anything into a fire other than disposable chopsticks or paper.

Water and waste water

There are no sources of potable water at the site. You have to bring this most valuable of things with you! There are no faucets or taps for everyone to use. Bring what you will need.
There are no drains or sewage systems, so reducing the water you use for cooking is vital.

Here’s some hints and ideas.

  • – If using disposable cups and plates, choose simple paper ones that can be safely burnt
  • – OR use reusable dishes from home.
  • – Take a hint from long hikes and use towels to clean dishes.
  • – Alcohol wipes for hiking are a good choice to bring too.
  • – Use 2 washbasins and keep the water you use to a minimum.
  • – Prep foods that won’t be a mess or take a lot to clean.
  • – Get primitive.

Take care with your food and drink!

Site Access and Directions

By car

30 minutes from Kanetsu Expressway Koide Interchange.