What is Theme Camp?

At Burning Japan, it’s called Theme Camp when a group camps together to create and make projects like artwork and other pieces. It’s up to the Theme Camp to decide what to do and what to present on the grounds. Bring in speakers to the grounds and put on music, do a fire performance, make art, teach yoga and dance, open a seaside bar…those are all Theme Camps. Burning Japan’s management’s role is to finetune–in other words, help–the projects everyone assembles. A Theme Camp can start from one person. One person says “I want to do this!” and looks for camp members who will think it sounds interesting and say “I want to go to this Theme Camp!” as a sign of their interest. If the project results in a horde of new co-creators and the realization of a never before seen creation, that Theme Camp is a huge success.

[For Beginners]
Many people ask, “Do I absolutely have to do a Theme Camp?” You don’t absolutely have to. There’s no need to start off with something large-scale. Begin by doing what you can by yourself and enjoying the atmosphere of the grounds. You don’t have to think too hard about it.

* If any of the following is applicable to your Theme Camp, prior approval and arranging is required so please register ahead of time.
– Advance reservation of a space larger than a multiple-person tent
– Plans to bring in a power generator and/or sound system
– A performance or workshop involving fire/fireworks

The deadline is 9/10.

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