(English follows)

バーニングジャパンは参加者全員のGiftingによって作られる街です。今年も沢山のGiftingがあり、その経験は一人ひとり全く違ったものですが、どれも忘れられないものばかりでしょう。もし、日常生活 = default worldに戻るのが難しそうなときは、是非来年のことを考えてみてください。私達も、来年また「おかえりなさい!」と言って皆さんを迎え入れるのを楽しみにしています。

おっと、その前にアフターパーティー「TOKYO BURN」を開催します。10月23日(金)〜10月25日(日)、会場は、東京・神田の「旧東京電機大学跡地」にて。詳細はこれから詰めていきますが(運営はいつもバタバタです苦笑)、追ってウェブサイト等で告知します。

それでは、みなさんTOKYO BURNでお会いしましょう!

Burning Japan 2015 was a great success, and the location, Iwafuneyama, has officially returned back to its “2015” state. This year, there were no restrooms or water, and the event took place over 4 days, which is a day more than last years.
There were many challenges, but attendees, volunteers, and locals from the area helped make Burning Japan a huge success.

Burning Japan is a gift economy where everyone is a participant. This year we had many gifts exchanged, and surely there were unforgettable memories for all involved. If people struggle to return back to the “default world”, please consider attending next year again. We will welcome you home and are excited to see our burners again.

Before we close, there is a post-burn decompression, called Tokyo Burn, from 10/23/2015 – 10/25/2015. The venue is at Kanda in Tokyo, at the Old Tokyo Electric University. We will be preparing further details soon on our website. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!